Dynamique Tempest Stereo Audio Cable

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The Dynamique Tempest is a pure silver hybrid interconnect, offering the benefit of pure silver conductors at an affordable level to lift your system to new heights.

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The Dynamique Tempest is a pure silver hybrid interconnect, offering the benefit of pure silver conductors at an affordable level. Each channel features four conductors – two high purity pure silver conductors and two super purity silver-plated copper conductors, arranged in a double-balanced, star-quad geometry, and insulated in air-spaced PTFE.

The Dynamique Tempest cables also feature our resonance damper technology. A more sophisticated design than Neo or Horizon interconnects, Tempest offers a broader soundstage, and a richer, more natural sound. Tempest interconnects are available with WBT-0114 Cu NextGen RCA or Neutrik XX series silver-plated XLR connectors.

  • Conductor type: pure silver (4n) & silver-plated ofc copper (7n)
  • Conductor gauge (rca): 2 x 24 awg (ag) & 2 x 24 awg (spc) solid cores per channel
  • Conductor gauge (xlr): 2 x 24 awg (ag) & 3 x 24 awg (spc) solid cores per channel
  • Dielectric: teflon, air-spaced
  • Geometry: star-quad, double-balanced
  • Damping: 1 x resonance damper per channel
  • Connectors (rca): wbt-0114 cu nextgen
  • Connectors (xlr): neutrik xx series
  • Length: 1 Metre

All Dynamique audio cables are handmade in the UK to the very highest standards of workmanship to provide you with a cable that will outperform other audio cables from other manufacturers, particularly mass produced product from the major brands.

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2 reviews for Dynamique Tempest Stereo Audio Cable

  1. Hi-Fi Club

    Dynamic audio system is not fooled by the absolute shallow and profound knowledge of the basics without pretense, and Tuning. The review was a valuable experience, one that asks if I want even a chance to Zenith advanced interconnects. After a long time the middle class, it is the innovative cable found in the UK.

  2. Hi-Fi Choice

    Both cables present precise and stable images, with very good depth definition, which is often a particular weakness of cables. And with the brand’s name in mind, we were delighted to hear excellent dynamics on offer; swinging from loud to soft effortlessly without compression or exaggeration.

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