Dynamique Firelight USB Silver Audio Cable


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The Dynamique Firelight USB offers excellent value for money for a high-end audio cable, and is perfect for upgrading your system to the pinnacle of performance.

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The Dynamique Firelight USB Silver Audio Cable is our pure silver USB cable. It features high purity 24 AWG pure silver data conductors and super-purity, 20 AWG solid-core, silver-plated copper power and earth conductors, all insulated in PTFE Teflon.

The signal and power lines of the Dynamique Firelight USB Silver Audio Cable are physically isolated for a significant reduction in electrical and mechanically induced noise, whilst copper and non-metallic floating braided shields and a resonance filter work further to reduce EM/RF noise.

Dynamique Firelight USB Silver Audio Cable is ideal for high-resolution music formats, offering a more refined sound with far greater detail and clarity than competitor cables. Available with gold-plated Type A and Type B connectors.

  • Conductor type: pure silver (4n) & silver-plated ofc copper (7n)
  • Conductor gauge: 2 x 24 awg (ag) solid cores (signal) 2 x 20 awg (spc) solid cores (power)
  • Dielectric: teflon, air-spaced
  • Geometry: dual twisted data-pair
  • Damping/shields: 1 x resonance filter, copper shield, non-metallic floating braided shield
  • Connectors (usb): type A & B, gold-plated contact pins
  • Length: 1 metre

All Dynamique audio cables are handmade in the UK to the very highest standards of workmanship to provide you with a cable that will outperform other audio cables from other manufacturers, particularly mass produced product from the major brands.

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  1. Gary Edwards

    I was not that familiar with the Dynamiue brand but took a chance given the price, and I have to say I am extremely happy with this USB cable. Digital audio playback in my system has never sounded so good. It is quite possibly the best change I have ever made to my system.

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