Dynamique Aurora Silver Speaker Cables

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The Dynamique Aurora speaker cables feature similar properties to the Caparo but is offered at a more affordable price and delivers excellent performance.

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The Dynamique Aurora is a new model in the range that incorporates much of the technology of the popular Caparo model, but at a more affordable level.

The Dynamique Aurora features Six solid-core conductors per channel, each 7N silver-plated copper core insulated in a super low-loss air-spaced PTFE dielectric and arranged in a counter-balanced, helical twist geometry.

Two resonance dampers per channel (one at either end) reduce mechanically induced distortions. Aurora offers a tonally neutral presentation with excellent speed and fine detail.

Terminated with rhodium over silver plated versions of the new Dynamique KIR-2 & KIR-3 banana and spade connectors.

  • Conductor type: silver-plated ofc copper (7n)
  • Conductors per channel: 6 x 19 awg (11 awg equivalent)
  • Dielectric: teflon, air-spaced
  • Geometry: counter-balanced helical twist, triple-balanced
  • Damping: 2 x resonance dampers per channel
  • Connectors (banana): dynamique kir-2 rhodium
  • Connectors (spade): dynamique kir-3 rhodium
  • Length: 3 metre pair

All Dynamique audio cables are handmade in the UK to the very highest standards of workmanship to provide you with a cable that will outperform other audio cables from other manufacturers, particularly mass produced product from the major brands.

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1 review for Dynamique Aurora Silver Speaker Cables

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi-Fi Plus

    Starting with Aurora, first impressions were of a smooth, open, well-balanced sound that was effortlessly sweet and clean at the top end. The music sounded focused and crisp, yet at the same time relaxed and integrated. There seemed to be no lack of brilliance or bite, but the higher frequencies definitely seemed smoother and sweeter than before… as though some unwanted grunge had been eliminated…you could hear a similar kind of improvement on human voice; the sound had noticeably more ‘body’, and less edge, creating a fuller more seamless impression from high to low. While it’s fairly easy to create a sound that has lots of fast leading edges and huge dynamic contrasts, it’s hard to have this and at the same time achieve a sound that caresses the ear with sheer refinement. If you can obtain a blend of these two extremes, you’re getting closer to the qualities of good live acoustic (unamplified) sound….But the sound was so natural and relaxed, I was caught off guard. It sounded more real than I’d ever experienced before. Personally, I find string quartets (as a medium) one of the hardest things for a hi-fi system to reproduce correctly.

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