Audio Art SC-5 Speaker Cables with Spades

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The Audio Art Cable SC-5 Speaker Cable is a remarkable cable, particularly given it’s low cost, it offers great performance and looks like it costs so much more.

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The award winning Audio Art SC-5 offers a high performance, high resolution, high value option that meets and exceeds the performance demands, of the most discriminating audiophile. Musical, and highly neutral, Audio Art SC-5’s sonics translate to an amazingly true to life experience for the listener.

Soundstage is BIG, yet natural, transients are fast, and the mids are gloriously clear and detailed to reveal every nuance, while sounding smooth, full-bodied, holographic and dynamic. Frequency extremes excel, with fantastic bass extension, slam and impact. Highs are airy and resolved.

The Audio Art SC-5 will involve you in your musical experience like no other cable at or NEAR this price point!

It was our intention in creating Audio Art SC-5 to provide the most discriminating audio enthusiast with a new high performance, high value cable choice, particularly with the need for even more speaker cable with 5 to 7 speakers in a system! It makes a fabulous choice for a high end home theater.

Audio Art SC-5speaker cable is designed to get the best possible performance from any speaker. Each of its 14 gauge conductors consists of 168 strands of silver-coated OFC copper, insulated in a high quality Foam Polyethylene dielectric.

The cable features very low inductance & capacitance, making it compatible with ALL amplifiers (tube or solid state) and speakers. Audio Art SC-5 is very flexible, and its attractive appearance will complement any décor. SC-5 is available in factory-assembled lengths, and in bulk (un-terminated) lengths.

  • Conductors: Silver-coated OFC copper
  • Dielectric: Polyethylene
  • Capacitance: 19.5 pf/foot
  • Resistance: .0025 ohms/foot (each conductor)
  • Diameter: 9 mm
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • 6 Foot Length
  • Price for a Stereo Pair
  • Spade Connectors both ends
  • No Retail Packaging, cables purchased in bulk lots.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Audio Art SC-5 Speaker Cables with Spades

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tone Audio

    So, my conclusion is that these are a very neutral cable for $115 a pair. Yes, if I put them in with the really spendy stuff, there is a bit of grain compared to the cables in the four figure category as well as a slight loss of fine detail in comparison. But for this kind of money, I would have to say the SC-5 is damn hard if not impossible to beat for looks and performance.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Cable Nut

    Don’t waist your time and money ordering low-end models from high-end cable companies. The Audio Art Cables will compete with most top of the line cables on the market today. You have to be a Serious Cable-Nut to spend $800 to $8000 dollars on cables these days, with cable companies like Analysis Plus, Harmonic Tech, Signal Cable, Oritek, Audience and the new dangerous sounding Audio Art Cables. Make sure you try The Audio Art Cable first before you spend tons of unnecessary money on cables you don’t need!

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